Happy Holidays from GFR Construction
Chad Griffin, President, GFR Construction

Chad Griffin, President

As 2016 winds down, GFR Construction is busier than ever. We extend holiday greetings to you and yours, and send thanks to all our loyal customers who have made this a great year for us. Here’s a rundown of our current projects:

Foundation Stabilizing in North Bend: This project has a underground spring flowing water from under the home washing out the soil from underneath the foundation. This project includes regarding soils, pin piles underpinning the foundation to stabilize, and drainage lines installed to collect storm and downspout water.

Duplex Remodel/Conversion to Fourplex: The project includes installing new fire suppression system throughout entire building in order to install two completely new units. We are performing this project while working around two existing tenants. The project also includes, new underground sewer lines, removal of two oil tanks, installation of new wiring and five meterpac, installation of a laundry room, new roof, new plumbing throughout entire building.

Basement Installation: The home on the project was sitting on a poor failing foundation. This project included lifting the house over 4 ft taller while keeping the large chimney. After the home and chimney were lifted the demo and excavation begins. Over 80 pin piles went in to stabilize the new foundation and structural slab. On this project there was a major oil tank leak and 500 tons of contaminated soils were cleaned up and properly disposed of. This home now has a 9 ft ceiling in the basement comparing to the 5.5 ft before.

Floor lowering project: On this project we are leaving the home at the same elevation and holding the existing foundation to lower the floors over two feet. This involves a lot of hand excavating and underpinning with pin piles.

Tie Back, Large Retaining Wall: This project involved a 4 story home sliding down a hill. The project included over 110 pin piles, over 15 tiebacks, and a massive 18 ft retaining wall.

1.5 Million Dollar Custom Home Build: A modern style home that is four stories, attached garage, and a roof deck to overlook downtown Seattle. GFR remodel division is building this home and is expected to be on the mark at the beginning of March 2017.